Mobile Office Setup Guide - SyncML Device - SyncML
Last modified: January 26 2011 08:43 am

SyncML Mobile Devices


We support the same sync technlogy as "AOLSync", which uses "FUNAMBOL" as the sync client. For a complete list of supported devices the AOLSync page at "" and click your device. Follow the insturctions on that page and just replace the AOL specific settings (ex: username, password, and Server URL) with the information below. Once installed, start application and hit "LOGIN" button since you already have an account. Suggested Funambol SyncML client settings: Goto client settings and set "Scheduled" and "Interval" and checkmark "Push client changes to the server".

Follow the installation instructions and use these settings:

SyncML server URL: (or look it up at Settings -> Synchronization in your Mobile Office)
Username: Your Mobile Office full email address
Password: Your Mobile Office email password

The default settings should work but if something go.s wrong check the advanced settings of each datastore:

Type Remote name
Events events
Contacts contacts
Tasks tasks
Notes notes

NOTE: usernames and passwords are cAse SensITiVe.

If you don't know your username or password please contact Imageway Support