Mobile Office Setup Guide - Microsoft Outlook Client - SyncML
Last modified: January 26 2011 08:43 am

Outlook Software Client


Outlook can synchronize using the free Funambol Outlook client. You can get this client from the Funambol website:

Suggested client setting: In the Options section we suggest you set the Scheduler to "Synchronize every" so often.

Follow the installation instructions and use these settings:

SyncML Server Version: 1.1
SyncML server URL: (or look it up at Settings -> Synchronization in your Mobile Office)
Port: 80
Username: Your Mobile Office full email address
Password: Your Mobile Office email address password

Don't set encryption setting. We use a SSL connection for security but Mobile Office does not support the DES encryption setting in the funambol client.

The default settings should work but if something goes wrong check the advanced settings of each datastore:

Type Remote name
Events events
Contacts contacts
Tasks tasks
Notes snote

NOTE: usernames and passwords are cAse SensITiVe.

If you don't know your username or password please contact Imageway Support