Mobile Office Setup Guide - Thunderbird Client - SyncML
Last modified: January 26 2011 08:43 am

Thunderbird Desktop Client


This client is experimental! We tested Thunderbird 3.1 with lightning 1.0b1 and Funambol client 1.0b3.

You can find the lighting Calendar Extension for the Thunderbird email client at:

The beta Funambol client is not available from Funambol currently. It can be found at:

Follow the installation instructions and use these settings:

SyncML Server Version: 1.1
SyncML server URL: (or look it up at Settings -> Synchronization in your Mobile Office)
Port: 80
Username: Your Mobile Office full email address
Password: Your Mobile Office email address password

NOTE: usernames and passwords are cAse SensITiVe.

If you don't know your username or password please contact Imageway Support