Email Setup Guide - Eudora 5.1 for Macintosh OS9 - POP3
Last modified: October 13 2005 11:39 am

To begin open Eudora
1)On the menu bar, click on 'Special'
2)Select 'Settings...' from the drop-down list

3)Click 'Getting Started'
4)Enter your 'email address ' (example:
5)Type in ''
6)Type in your name as you would like it to appear in outgoing mail
7)Enter ''
8)Enter your return e-mail address (this address will be used when people click the "Reply" button on an e-mail you have sent them)

9)Click 'Checking Mail'
10)Put a dot next to the 'POP' option
11)Tick the 'Check for mail every...' option and set it to at least 10 minutes

12)Highlight 'Sending Mail'
13)Put a tick in the 'Allow authorization' option
14)Click the [OK] button