Email Setup Guide - Outlook Express 5 for Macintosh OS9 - IMAP
Last modified: October 13 2005 11:39 am

To begin open Outlook Express
1)On the menu bar, click 'Tools'
2)Select 'Accounts' from the drop-down list

3)Click the [New] button to add a new account

4)Click the double-arrows, and
5)select 'IMAP'
6)Click the [OK] button to continue

7)Enter a name for the account (it can be anything you like but should be something that will help you recognise it) e.g. 'Email'
8)Type in your name as you would like it to appear in outgoing messages
9)Enter your e-mail address
10)Enter your 'email address '
11)Enter '' as the incoming server name
12)Enter your 'email address '
13)Enter '' as the outgoing mail server
14)Click the [OK] button to create the account

15)Your account will now be visible. When you have finished with this window click the top left button to close the 'Accounts' window

Your IMAP account will create a new set of folders. These folders are an exact copy of the folders you would see if you logged into webmail web site. Any new e-mail delivered to your e-mail address will appear in the Inbox of your IMAP account and will also be visible in webmail, until it is deleted in either program.