Email Setup Guide - Eudora 5.2 for Macintosh OSX - POP3
Last modified: October 13 2005 11:39 am

We recommend you use Eudora 5.2 or later for Macintosh OSX (earlier versions need to run in "Classic Mode"). You can download the latest version of Eudora from

Open Eudora

1)Open Eudora and click 'Eudora' in the menu bar
2)Click 'Preferences...' from the drop-down list

3)Highlight 'Getting Started'
4)Enter your 'email address '
5)Enter ''
6)Enter your name as you would like it to appear in outgoing emails
7)Enter ''
8)Enter your e-mail address

9)Highlight 'Checking Mail' (the details at the top should already be filled in)
10)Place a dot next to 'POP' in the 'Mail Protocol' section
11)Tick the 'Check for mail every _ minutes ' checkbox and set it to at least 10 minutes
12)Select one of the 'Download Options' to suit the way you work:
  • Minimal headers only: recommended for people who would like to see the contents of their mailbox without downloading ALL their mail.
  • Full message except for attachments over _ K: recommended for people who do not want to download large attachments.
  • Full message with attachments: will download all emails to your inbox.

13)Highlight 'Sending Mail'
14)Put a tick in the 'Allow authorization' option
15)Click the [OK] button