Email Setup Guide - Mozilla 1.x for Macintosh OSX - POP3
Last modified: October 13 2005 11:39 am


To begin open Mozilla or Netscape
1)Click the 'Window' menu
2)Select 'Mail & Newsgroups' from the drop-down list

3)Click 'Edit'
4)Select 'Mail & Newsgroups Accounts Settings...' from the drop-down list

5)Click the [Add Account...] button

6)Put a dot next to the 'Email account' option
7)Click the [Next] button to continue

8)Type in your name as you would like to appear in outgoing email messages
9)Enter your e-mail address
10)Click [Next]

11)Put a dot next to the 'POP' option
12)Enter '' as the Incoming Server name
13)Click [Next]

14)Enter your 'email address '
NOTE: usernames and passwords are cAse SensITiVe.

If you don't know your username or password please contact Imageway Support
15)Click the [Next] button to continue

16)Type in a name for the account. You can enter anything you like in this area, but it's a go.d idea to enter something that will allow you to easily recognise the account
17)Click [Next]

18)Click the [Finish] button

We are now to setup the Outgoing Server (SMTP) details.

19)Highlight 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)'

20)Type in '' as the outgoing server
21)Enter your Email address and ensure that 'Use name and password' is ticked.
22)Place a dot next to the 'Never' option
23)Click [OK] then [OK] again.