Spam Filters for Webmail
Last modified: October 13 2009 11:39 am

If you set up Spam Filters through Webmail, you will not have to set it up on your email client as all the settings for it reside on the server. Spam filtering is automatically enabled, and by default uses the Webmail SPAM folder. You will need to deactivate it in Webmail through your Internet browser if you plan on using client side SPAM filtering (see below). If you do not do this, then legitimate Email messages you want to see, might be thought of as SPAM, and put into the Webmail SPAM folder, and you will never see them in your email client. This was enabled by default because of customer complaints about getting hit with tons of SPAM before they learned how to enable the SPAM filtering.

Once you have logged onto webmail located at

1)Click the 'Options' button, this will open a new screen displaying all the settings that can be modified in Webmail.
2)Click the 'Spam Control ' link

3)Select 'Advanced' to view, and edit your advanced Spam Filtering Settings.

4)Section 4 allows you to set what to do with mail that has been scored. By default, when email is rated at 7 or above, it is put into the webmail 'held' folder. When email is rated at 15 or above, it is bounced back to the sender, warning them not to send SPAM.
** Please note: If you do not plan on using the webmail, and would rather use your own client (such as Outlook), then set 'Hold' to 'Never'. This will not use the server side Webmail held folder to store SPAM.

Once you have set Webmail to use the spam filtering any mail that the server detects as being spam will be moved into a folder called 'held'. This folder is ONLY available from the Webmail.

**Please note that the 'held' folder will not appear until you have received spam for the first time**

The 'held' folder is located on our servers so any mail stored there will be decremented from your mail quota. Because of this you will need to remember to remove any unwanted mail from the 'held' folder otherwise you could run out of mail quota. For information on how to clear unwanted mail from folders please look at the Managing Mail guide.

Before deleting mail from the 'held' folder please make sure that none of the emails that have been filtered out are legitimate emails, as sometimes the filter can remove emails that you may have wanted to view.